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Tampere Youth Housing Association

If you are a student searching for an apartment, please turn to The Tampere Student Housing Foundation, TOAS.

Tampere Youth housing Association was founded in 1989 in order to improve housing conditions for young people. We have about 80 apartments inhabited by over 100 young people. All the apartments are located near the city center.

Who can apply for an apartment:
• 18-29 year old young people
• Not full-time students
• Couples or families

Rental contracts are made for a fixed term and the maximum time to live in a Youth Housing apartment is 5 years. Internet connection is included in the rent. Apartments are not furnished and you are not allowed to smoke inside.

You can apply for a Youth Housing apartment online. The application can be found here.

NOTE! Remember to be on time when applying for an apartment. There are many applicants, so one should apply for an apartment about 3-4 months in advance.